If hiring is akin to finding true love, then we are the finest cupids!

At Noraa & Co., we connect the best talents with the best opportunities.

three women sitting on chairs front of table
three women sitting on chairs front of table
man teaching woman while pointing on gray laptop
man teaching woman while pointing on gray laptop

We uncover the best of your company and share the stories to the best candidates

Employer Branding

We emphasize the the best of your company to our best candidates, making sure that they have the best impression towards your company as potential employer.

With us, you’re never alone: we are with you to help you find the suitable candidates, enhancing your recruitment process, and helping you to handle challenging talent pools from certain positions/industries/generations.

We are results-driven, and help our clients understand and unlock their true value. We help companies to get their suitable candidates with efficient cost.

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We had a tough time finding suitable talents for Odoo Consultants since the pool is very small and niche. Noraa & Co. made it so much easier for us to find talents with great quality and speed.

- Randy Raharjo, Director of Falinwa Indonesia

”What impressed me the most was Noraa's ability to present not just qualified candidates, but individuals who truly aligned with our organizational goals. The candidates they recommended were not only highly skilled and experienced but also a great cultural fit, ensuring a seamless integration into our team.”

- Bohdan, Director of EVA Solusi Asia

”We were urgently hiring for Software Engineers, and honestly, we didn't expect that Noraa & Co. could provide us with quality candidates within such a short period. However, they exceeded our expectations.”

- Felix Mavian, Software Engineer of Zenex Technologies

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